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About Bill Leaver

Bill Leaver has been associated with the Behnke Museum since it opened in 2003. He was named as Director/Curator in 2013.
23 07, 2018


The mortar and pestle is frequently associated with the pharmacy profession since it is used for preparing medications.  The substance to be ground is placed in the mortar and is then rotated and pressed by the pestle.  They are used to grind up pills to speed up absorption when ingested.   They are also used in [...]

16 07, 2018


Attached to the edge of a laundry tub, this hand wringer would squeeze water from a garment by cranking the handle to pull the iten between two rollers before it was hung on an outdoor clothes line to dry.

9 07, 2018


This is a lye soap used mostly for laundry purposes.  Shavings were added to the wash tub water when used with a corrugated washboard for laundry.  First sold in the early 1900's, Octagon soap was still in limited production in 1999.

2 07, 2018


Charles Chips was started by Effie Musser in 1942.  She sold potato chips through a distributor who packaged them in tin cans.  They were named after Charles Street in Baltimore, Maryland.  In 1991 the company was sold and went bankrupt 18 months later.  It was then acquired by another company in 1993 and also went [...]

25 06, 2018


The existence of balance scales dates back to 2400-1899 B.C.  For high precision work, such as empirical chemistry, this type of center beam balance is one of the most accurate technologies available

18 06, 2018


The Button Hook was used to assist the closing of shoes had buttons.  It was a hook attached to a handle that was inserted through the buttonhole to grab the button to drag through the buttonhole.  It was patented in 1851 by Elias Howe.  They were sometimes given with product advertising on the handle [...]

4 06, 2018


This carpet sweeper is similar in design to the one patented by Melville R. Bissell in 1876.  Powered versions were designed in the early 20th century with electric motors and rechargeable batteries.  Carpet sweepers are frequently found in restaurants to quickly and quietly pick up cumbs.  Today we have developed robotic sweepers that randomly [...]

28 05, 2018

Manual Doorbell

The Victorian-era twist doorbell provide an old-fashion and classic alternative to electric and battery operated remote door bells of today.  Manual door bells mounted though the door with the "turn" on the outside of the door and the bell on the inside of the door.  These were common before the 1920's when houses had electricity.

21 05, 2018


This Electrolux vacuum cleaner was unveiled in 1937.  The vacuums were sold under the Electrolux name until 2004 that became Eureka brand vacuums.  Eventually, the company manufactured food processors in 1940, washing machines in 1951, dishwashers in 1959 and in 2001 a robotic vacuum cleaner.

14 05, 2018


Before carpet sweepers and vacuum cleaners became common household items, carpets were rolled up and hung on a outdoor clothes line and beat with this device to remove dirt and dust.