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About Bill Leaver

Bill Leaver has been associated with the Behnke Museum since it opened in 2003. He was named as Director/Curator in 2013.
19 11, 2018


This cook book copyright 1910 contains 69 pages of recipes for everything for soups, meats, poultry, fish, entrees, breads,rolls. biscuits, pastry, cake and puddings.

12 11, 2018


Cheese used to be sold in solid two pound blocks in wooden boxes that were often used as storage containers when emptied.

5 11, 2018


This device was used to shred cabbage when making sauerkraut.  A head of cabbage was placed in the square area in the middle.  As that frame was slid back and forth, the cabbage would pass over the four diagonal blades that would slice the cabbage into long thin pieces.  

29 10, 2018


This type of churn dates back to the 18th century.  Paddles mounted inside the cylinder rotate as the crank handle is turned creating butter from the milk.

15 10, 2018


This type of coffee grinder was mounted on a wall.  Coffee beans were placed in the top container and were ground and fell into the bottom container when the handle was rotated.

8 10, 2018


Always found near the fireplace or stove before self igniting burners, this metal container held a box of "safety matches".  The matches were scratched on an abrasive surface surface on the side of the box to ignite them. (Note the opening on the side to expose the abrasive surface)  Safety matches are still used today, [...]

1 10, 2018


Prior to the refrigerator of today when homes did not have electricity, the ice box was the way perishable foods such as milk, eggs and butter were kept cold.  The "Ice Man" would sell blocks of ice from his ice house where he stored ice that he harvested from nearby lakes and ponds during the [...]

24 09, 2018


10 09, 2018


This 15 page booklet touted Chlordane as one of the most highly effective insect control methods from 1944 until 1983 when it was banned by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency as a health hazard.  However, prior to the ban, the booklet suggests painting, spraying or dusting  Chlordane in kitchens and bathrooms but does not [...]

3 09, 2018


Dress patterns were rather easily found in stores until the 1950's when home dress making became less popular.  Prior to that time many women had home sewing machines and choose to make their own clothes. In grade school, "Home Economics" classes for girls was as popular as "Shop" for boys.  The big project for [...]